Vehicle Safety Essentials for Your Summer Journey

Summer is here and it’s time to pack the family into the car for that dreaded 2 day journey. But before you even think about packing your bags, stop and ask yourself: is my car healthy enough to drive that far?

Whether you own a new or old vehicle, it is essential that you check over a few things before traveling long distances. Some you can do yourself; others it’s best to just pay a professional. These include:

  • If you have kept up with logbook servicing a minor service should be fine. If you have by-passed the log book servicing, it’s best to request a major service. In both cases, a proper vehicle inspection should be requested.
  • Always check your tyre pressure before leaving and recheck halfway through the journey, especially if towing.
  • Ensure windscreen washers are full and working properly. Check that blades have not deteriorated.
  • Even after a service, check the oil level in your engine and radiator levels before leaving.
  • Get someone to visually check all the vehicles lights, including anything you plan on towing, recommended Tyre House.