Travelling in the Car with Kids

Travelling with children is always a patience-testing exercise, especially when there are long distances involved. In saying that, it is possible to survive with a bit of forethought and a bit of careful planning.

  1. Remember to allow extra time for the journey. ALOT of extra time. Toilet stops take time, and the kids will need several breaks.
  2. Pack your own food. Not only will it save you a fortune on the road, but it allows you to stop at the park for a quick picnic and a play to burn-off extra energy.
  3. Avoid pre-booking motels and just drive til the kids have had enough.
  4. Stop and check out some of the tourist attractions on the way to break the journey a little.
  5. Always pack an overnight bag, including a change of clothing for the entire family and other daily essentials such as medication and bathroom necessities.
  6. Don’t rely on only a DVD player. Instead, pack a bag of activities including colouring, activity and sticker books, favourite small toys and audio books, advised Frugal and Thriving.
  7. Always be prepared for the unexpected when traveling with small children: wipes, a large bottle of water, a towel, plastic bags and some toilet paper are essentials for the car.