The Tradition of Summer on the Great Ocean Road

It’s that time of year again. You know, where city folk pack their families into the car and flock to the country in search of the fresh ocean breeze to rejuvenate the soul. The traditional holiday to the beach – complete with cheesy music – dates back several generations for many Australian families. And for many families this also means a visit to The Great Ocean Road.

This 240km stretch of snaking road was constructed by the soldiers who returned from WWI and connects the coastal towns of Warrnambool and Torquay. Apart from the amazing ocean views and incredible scenery, the main highlight are the views of the Twelve Apostles, according to Travel Boating Lifestyle.

Although only 9 remain, these naturally formed rocks draw visitors to the local area in the thousands over summer, and small towns swell to bursting point. Some of the best places to stay are:

  • Wye River is the perfect place for families. Lots of running room for kids and close to the beach, but not a lot in the way of shops.
  • Apollo Bay is one of the coasts fishing ports and boasts a variety of fresh local seafood.
  • Lorne is popular with Melbourne-people and bustles with life over the summer.

Take care when driving along the Great Ocean Road, and make sure that if you’re hoping to take in the scenery that you switch places frequently with another driver so that you won’t be distracted when it’s your turn behind the wheel.