More Education Needed for Young Drivers


Police in Canberra are using a brutally graphic tool in schools to help educate youth about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The lifelike crime scene displays a smashed up Lexus, complete with passengers, as a way of teaching young drivers not to party and drive. The display is based on a real accident where two passengers ended up with brain damage and one died. The driver received a jail term for driving under the influence of speed and alcohol.

The move has been commended by local driving instructors, who say they have seen a drastic reduction in driving skills over the last few years. Instructor, Greg Austin, said that he has even had to cancel lessons on students because of partying the night before.

He believes that it all comes back to a lack of education in the home setting, and said that parents need to be enforcing the idea of safe driving. Austin also stated that many parents underestimate their own driving skills and pass the responsibility on to the instructor, reported The Canberra Times.

“There needs to be more awareness about drugs and alcohol; it all goes back to education,” Austin claimed.