Five Tips for Safe Outback Adventuring

Do you have plans to tackle the Australian Outback this year, but your partner says it’s too dangerous? Armed with this expert advice on traveling in the outback, your fantasy adventure may soon become a reality.

  • Make sure your car can last the journey. Have a service, tune up and vehicle inspection before you leave.
  • Sticking to the sealed roads is best, especially if don’t own a 4WD. Most of the popular destinations, such as Uluru, can be accessed with a normal family car.
  • Plan your journey beforehand, making sure to note any major landmarks you want to visit. Although there plenty of towns, sometimes it’s over 200km between them so plan your fuel wisely.
  • Always carry plenty of extra drinking water and packaged food, just in case of emergency. A 40 degree day can feel much hotter in the outback when you are stuck on the side of the road.
  • Rest often. Heat is more draining than you realise, reported Ritas Outback Guide.