Driving Instructors are the Best Teachers

Whether you are 16 or 60, if you are learning to drive for the first time you should do yourself (and other motorists) a favour by enrolling in a professional driving school before throwing out the L-plates and hitting the road.

Although it can be a lot cheaper to be taught to drive by family or friends, road rules change and bad habits develop in (some) mature drivers over time. They may not even realise they are riding the clutch, sitting in the right-hand side of the overtaking lane or even breaking a recent law that has been passed.

Only a professional driving instructor can teach and ensure good driving habits and correct procedures from the start – these include emergency situations, wet weather driving and all the other daily realities. An instructor can also offer more intensive knowledge on how a car will react in certain situations and accurately advise on a driver on how to react.

All driving instructor schools operate by standards which are set and regulated by the government to ensure accuracy and consistency with driving instructors, reported Hit Pro Exams.